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Thanks for the responses.  I had tried all of the various tapping methods, tapping on every square inch of the plane, but nothing worked.  As a last resort I tried Bill’s idea of just dropping the plane from about 4 feet so that it landed on its back.  After the fourth drop it began to start moving and some more encouragement and it came out.  Here is where I need some additional help.  The cutter in this plane was made from an old file, with the tang of the file still present.  This file is much thicker than the usual cutters that you see on these planes.  I was wondering of the increase thickness of the file/cutter was causing the wedge to stick so easily.  I cannot tell if the wedge was modified to account for this oversized cutter.  Do you  think I may be better in the long run to try and find a new cutter for this plane?  Again thanks for the responses.