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Thought I’d add my two cents as a resent convert to traditional woodworking. I stumbled upon Joshua’s site August of 2014 and have been working on getting together tools for projects as well as worked on some projects. I also briefly thought about ignoring Joshua’s advice and going with a big tool store plane but upon comparing prices with ebay purchases, as many others have suggested, I decided that I could get two planes from ebay for the price of one at the big box store. So I hounded ebay looking for a deal and landed one. Got both a Stanley 4 and 5 each for $20 and took the time to use Joshua’s site to refurbish them. They work great. I’ll try to post pictures of both the projects I’ve been working on since August as well as my tool refurbishing on the other post. Thought a less experienced/beginner voice on my recent experience may be helpful though.